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Vanadio MT5

This automatic system detects the strong movements of the market taking into account the volume of orders traded on the instrument to determine entry directions. This system has been designed to be used with ECN accounts and a leverage of 1:300



  • Initial_lot: lot size for the first entry of the cycle, regardless of the amount of money on the account.
  • Activate_dynamic_lot: if "true", the amount of account equity is considered when entering the market. If "false", the initial lot parameter will be used in the first entry of the cycle.
  • Equity_per_micro_lot: base amount of the account for each micro-lot. We recommend a minimum of 2,000 per 0.01 lots. This will allow you to dilute the risk using several instruments at the same time.
  • Commission_lot: average commission charged by your broker per lot (this must be evaluated per instrument). As we already said, the Expert Advisor is designed for ECN accounts for better reliability.


  • Volatility_range: evaluate the instrument volatility to determine market entries. This parameter must be recalculated according to the chosen timeframe.
  • Spread: evaluate the spread of the instrument when identifying a signal. This varies according to the broker of your choice. As we have already said, the Expert Advisor is designed for ECN accounts, so the spreads must be considerably low. For example, in our tests in real market, it was 14 points (or 1.4 pips) on the EURUSD instrument (this will depend on the broker you choose).


  • Dynamic_Profit: activate the trade management system, which evaluates the market volatility, the volume of orders to determine if the market is in range. The best results obtained on EURUSD was 50 with the following settings: TF - M5, leverage - 1:300, Minimum Volatility - 20, Maximum spread - 14.
  • Dynamic_trailing: determine if there is a favorable trend when sending the input signal to the market. Once it is determined, the EA exits the market when the trend changes. The best result obtained on EURUSD with the aforementioned parameters was 200.
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