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EA Mbot Trader MT5

EA Mbot Trader MT5 is an Expert Advisor using a quite simple strategy based on moving averages. The EA is perfect for trend trading, it can be customized for any CFD and FOREX instruments. The EA is not affected by spread, it is resistant to news and price gaps.

The screenshots provided to this description represent the results obtained in the Strategy Tester using high-quality tick simulation.

Recommendations on trading

  • 0.01 lot with a minimum deposit of $100
  • Recommended timeframes for trading are H1, H4 and Daily
  • It can be optimized to work on any instrument
  • ECN and 5-digit broker is recommended for trading


  • start time - the EA operation start time. Example: 00:00. Trading will start at 00:00
  • finish time - the EA operation end time. Example: 23:59. Trading will stop at 23:59
  • number of orders for 1 signal - amount of trades per signal. If 2 or more is set, the EA will open the additional order(s) on each subsequent bar after the signal bar closes
  • intersection bar index - bar index. Trades are opened only based on the signal from moving averages, which is confirmed by the close of the N bar
  • intersection entrance 1MA 2MA - enter a trade when 1MovingAverage crosses 2MovingAverage
  • intersection entrance price 1MA - enter a trade when the price crosses 1MovingAverage
  • contstraint in direction MA #3 - additional filter in the form of restriction based on the direction of the 3rd MA (confirmation). Buy trades are opened at intersections of 1MovingAverage and 2MovingAverage, if the intersections occur above 3 MovingAverage. Sell trades are opened at intersections of 1MovingAverage and 2MovingAverage, if the intersections occur below 3 MovingAverage.
  • minimum intersection distance 1MA 2MA - the minimum distance of the 1MovingAverage and 2MovingAverage intersection from the price, in points
  • minimum interection distance price 1MA - the minimum distance of the 1MA intersection from the price, in points
  • MA1(fast) - settings of MovingAverage 1 (fast)
    • MA1(fast):: averaging period - period
    • MA1(fast):: shift - shift
    • MA1(fast):: averaging method - МА type
    • MA1(fast):: applied price - price type
  • MA2(slow) - settings of Moving Average 2 (slow)
    • MA2(slow):: averaging period - period
    • MA2(slow):: shift - shift
    • MA2(slow):: averaging method - МА type
    • MA2(fast):: applied price - price type
  • MA3(the confirmation) - settings of MovingAverage 3 (confirmation)
    • MA3(the confirmation):: averaging period - period
    • MA3 (the confirmation):: shift - shift
    • MA3 (the confirmation):: averaging method - MA type
    • MA3 (the confirmation):: applied price - price type
  • parabolic sar - additional filter in the form of a restriction by the direction of the Parabolic SAR indicator (confirmation). Trades are opened at intersections of 1MA, 1MA & 2A only if they correspond to the Parabolic SAR indicator direction
    • parabolic sar::step - step of the indicator
    • parabolic sar:: maximum step - the maximum step of the indicator
  • order:: buy - enable/disable buy orders
  • order:: sell - enable/disable sell orders
  • order:: lot - lot size
  • order:: lot auto-counting - enable/disable automatic lot sizing
  • order:: lot auto-counting-risk in % - risk as a percentage of the balance when the automatic lot is enabled
  • order:: take-profit - take profit in points
  • order:: stop-loss - stop loss in points
  • order:: slippage - the maximum slippage in points
  • order:: magic number - unique number for the robot to distinguish its orders
  • trailing-stop:: breakeven - move the protective stop loss to the opening levels when N points are passed
  • trailing-stop:: inclusion - activate trailing stop when the price passes N points
  • trailing-stop:: step - order modification step in points
  • turn off the robot after the expiration of time - disable the EA at the operation end time
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