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PlugnTrade SBRF

Plug’n’Trade SBRF is a trading robot with the minimum number of inputs. It has been developed for trading PJSC "Sberbank" common stock futures on FORTS (SBRF).

Plug’n’Trade applies custom technical indicators conducting mathematical analysis of the price movement. The robot automatically sets the optimal stop loss and fixes the profit. Plug’n’Trade works on M15. All calculations are performed when a new candle forms.

The robot needs no optimization and is easy to use.

Instructions and recommendations

Launch Plug’n’Trade on the valid SBRF contract on M15. All calculations are performed when a new candle forms meaning that the robot should work before each new candle is formed.

Calculations for the first morning candle are performed 5 minutes prior to the market closure (23:45 MSK). This function allows decreasing slippage.

The robot does not change the contract automatically. Therefore, make sure to close a trade on an expiring contract and re-launch the robot on a new one.

The virtual MetaTrader server is recommended in order not to miss entry/exit moment which is most critical when taking profit.


  • Volume – fixed volume (number of traded contracts) to be used by the robot if the dynamic volume is disabled. The recommended minimum volume is two contracts since the robot takes a part of the profit closing a half of the trade.
  • Dynamic Volume – if True, the dynamic volume is enabled, False - disabled. If enabled, the robot applies the specified % of the account balance. If the balance increases, the traded volume is increased automatically as well. Otherwise, it is decreased.
  • % of balance to use – % of the account balance to be used for trading if the dynamic volume is enabled.
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Version 1.2 2018.04.25
PlugnTrade SBRF ver. 1.2
Improved the deal closing method:
1. Partial profit fixing is performed later.
2. During a strong trend, the robot holds the deal open for a longer time.
These improvements allowed increasing the profitability.
Version 1.1 2018.03.28
PlugnTrade SBRF ver. 1.1

- Improved the algorithm of calculations for the first morning candle, which are performed 5 minutes before the market closes (23:45 Moscow time).