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Snowman is a regular Expert Advisor based on a quite simple Moving Average strategy. Unlike most "mega-profitable" Expert Advisors, it certainly cannot earn you millions. The main idea behind the algorithm of the Expert Advisor, is stability. It should be profitable regardless of price fluctuations over a quite long period of time.

The screenshots provided to this description represent the results obtained in the Strategy Tester without optimization.

Features of the Expert Advisor:

  1. Multi-currency mode. Settings are optional.
  2. Trading during the specified time intervals (days, hours, minutes). Settings are optional. 
  3. 7 additional filters for the buy signals. Settings are optional. 
  4. Virtual Stop Loss and Take Profit set automatically and not visible to your dealing center.
  5. Record-keeping of the operations performed in a .csv file.



  • Currency pair: GBPUSD (4- or 5-digit quotes). The use of other pairs is possible but not recommended.
  • Time frame: М30 - selected automatically.
  • Leverage 1:100.
  • Initial deposit: $5,000 with the lot size of 0.1 (or $500 with the lot size of 0.01, respectively).


  • TradeDay - trading day of the week, if it is empty - we trade on all days. Values are not case sensitive and can be entered in Russian and English using ";". Example: понедельник;wednesday or понедельник;ЧЕТВЕРГ;Пятница or tuesday;Friday;MONDAy.
  • ReversDay  - definer of trading and non-trading days. true - days specified in the TradeDay variable are non-trading days. false -  days specified in the TradeDay variable are trading days.
  • TradeTimeSignal - time interval (format - hours:minutes) in which the market entry point is searched. Example: 13:16-16:25;17:30-19:45 - trading is on from 13:16 to 16:25 and from 17:30 to 19:45. An empty string means that there are no time limits.
  • ReversTimeSignal - definer of the non-trading time interval. true - time specified in the TradeTimeSignal variable is a non-trading time. false - time specified in the TradeTimeSignal variable is a trading time.
  • symbols_active - currency pairs used. Example: EURUSD;GBPUSD;USDCHF.
  • selected_terminal_symbol - this parameter works only if the symbols_active variable is empty. true - list of currency pairs available in the Market Watch window. false - list of all currency pairs provided by the dealing center.
  • Exp_period - МА period.
  • order_lot - contract size.

Additional filters. true - filter is on, false - filter is off. Any filter combination is possible.

  • Filter_MACD=false
  • Filter_Ishimoku=false
  • Filter_Stdev=false
  • Filter_BBI=false
  • Filter_SAR=false
  • Filter_RSI=false
  • Filter_VLT=false


All recommended values are selected in the settings by default.

Any constructive comments and suggestions are welcome.

Timlom 2014.12.11 11:25   

Купил 3 месяца назад,советник давно окупился,хотелось бы увидеть еще советников от этого автора