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Speed Of Price

Speed of Price is a new generation indicator with an updated system for calculating the rate of price changes, as well as different levels of calculation scaling. Selecting the right parameters allows using this product as a standalone trading system, both as a trend-following and counter-trend one on any currency pair and any timeframe.

The indicator passes thorough testing on reliable history data and showed good results both in a trend and in a flat for the entire history (about 15 years). Still, it is recommended to study the peculiarities of the indicator operation before live trading and, of course, follow the money management rules. To use this indicator in an expert, it is recommended to supplement it with additional safety indicators.

The details on calculation of the indicator's values are not disclosed, since they have a unique nature.

Indicator Parameters

  1. Main Coefficient - the main coefficient, used in calculation of the price change rate (a value in the range of 10-20 is recommended)
  2. Scale Coefficient - scaling coefficient, selected for each instrument individually
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