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Lenbey Outbreak

Lenbey_Outbreak is optimized EA for XAUUSD M1.

This robot opens trades by level Breakout. And uses Trailing profit.

  • Use EA on M1 Time Frame.
  • And use higher lot size.
  • The EA also can be used on different currency.
  • The EA does not trade many deals.
  • Better to use on ECN broker.

Back-test EA before use. And do a forward test on demo account before using on Real money.

And do not forget, always invest only the amount you are prepared to lose.

You miss 100% of the shots you don't take.

Default Inputs

  • TakeProfit=500 - Enter your target level on each trade.
  • StopLoss=225 - Enter your stop level on each trade.
  • UseTrailingStop=true - If you prefer to trail your stop, than use this. Otherwise make it false.
  • TrailingStop=5 - Set trailing level if you are using trail stop.
  • Lots=1.0 - Manual Lot size.
  • MM=true - Use money management, if you want lot size by equity level.
  • Risk=0.09 - Money management risk level.
  • EachTickMode=true - Enable to update EA frequently.
  • Slippage=3 - Maximum slippage value allowed for trading.
  • MagicNumber=77887 - Use unique numbers on each chart.
Chawit Chirawat
Chawit Chirawat 2017.05.04 17:43 

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