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Why do you need this script? If you place lots of orders and re-calculate your risk for every order you placed, you definitely need such a script. This script places one or (optional) two different orders with the following script inputs. Utility parameters Operation Type - "Buy","Sell","Buylimit","Selllimit","Buystop","Sellstop" Price - Entry price of the order(s). Stop Loss - Stop Loss of the order(s). Take Profit 1 - Take Profit of the first order. Take Profit 2 - Take Profit of the second
If you need to follow more than 1 open position , you would ike to use this simple TrailingStop EA. Input 1 You have 4 options to set the TrailingStop , Follow the positions of the graph's symbol. Follow a position that has a given ticket number. Follow the positions that has a given Magic number. Follow All the positions. Input 2 Ticket Number ( if 2nd option is selected as input 1) Input 3 Magic Number ( if 3rd option is selected as input 1) Input 4 Trailing Stop amount in Pips  Input 5