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Scaler is a simple technical indicator that plots a rectangle in your chart and tells you how many pips it represent.

Scaler is ideal for traders that use intraday charts to give them the sense of size of a price movement.

There are only two parameters:

  • Scale Color: Sets the color for the rectangle
  • Font Color: Sets the color for the Scaler's text.

Scaler automatically changes the size of the rectangle in order to represent the same proportion of the chart

Scaler automatically adjusts the pips size if you compress or expand the price axis in your chart

Scaler automatically changes it's position from top to bottom to avoid interfere with the bars.

Please watch the demo video for better understanding of this indicator.

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Version 2.0 2017.09.27
Improves the processor usage by setting its view at start of the indicator and refreshing it each 10 seconds not each tick change.
Add information with the daily range from high to low in pips.