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OneClick Binary

OneClickBinary is an expert advisor for MT4 to trade binary options with your Metatrader broker platform.

You can use OneClickBinary with all brokers who usually use binary options plugin.

Please check conditions of your broker to trade binary options with Expert Advisors before subscribing.

With OneClickBinary there is no more need to binary options plugin to trade.

A simple EA (OneClickBinary) would be enough to trade directly from your chart.

You only have to setup amount of money and expiry and to press PUT or CALL button to place the trade in your MT4 platform.

We also offer the possibility to connect to external signal platforms to send your trades (see SP and BC versions).

We might add new platforms and brokers on demand.

Inputs of the EA are following:

  • PlaceTradeWithMT4: to authorize trading with your MT4 platform
  • UseMTBrokerMoney: to use amounts of money like recommended by your broker
  • UseMTBrokerExpiries: to use expiries recommended by your broker
  • ColorWon: color to use to show that your trade is ITM
  • ColorLost: color to use to show that your trade is OTM
  • ColorTie: color to use to show that your trade is TIE

In the right panel of the EA (see screenshot) you have following:

  • CALL button: to fire live CALL orders
  • Processing time: time required by your broker to confirm order
  • Entry price: price given by your broker as entry
  • Current price: current price according to your broker platform (with color code for status of trade ITM/OTM/TIE)
  • PUT button: to fire live PUT orders
Przemyslaw Szwed
Przemyslaw Szwed 2018.07.13 16:25 

I have to click many times to open trades. 50% of the time doesn't work so i have to open traditional way. Good idea but need to improve it. Also the window should be smaller. For now i can aply on 12 charts on maximum screen resolution.