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The indicator helps you estimate the trend existence and changes on different timeframes in compact form.

The indicator shows the trend data on different timeframes as the arrows table.

The angle of arrows depends on the trend's strength.

The types of introduced timeframes and the bars number for trend accounting are to be set in the indicator's parameters.

The arrows table can be put in any place on the screen by dragging.

The initial size of the table, the location and colors are to be specified in the indicator parameters.

The indicator is not redrawn, it looks the same on all timeframes.

Configurable settings

  • CountTF - number of introduced timeframes, fit from 5 to 8, by default – 6.
  • ArrowTurn - enable smooth arrows turn, the angle of the arrow corresponds to the strength of the trend.
  • AngleFlat- value of angle of flat, in which the trend is not considered.
  • TF1 - timeframe of period 1.
  • BarsTF1 - number of bars for period 1.
  • TF2 - timeframe of period 2.
  • BarsTF2 - number of bars for period 2.
  • TF3 - timeframe of period 3.
  • BarsTF3 - number of bars for period 3.
  • TF4 - timeframe of period 4.
  • BarsTF4 - number of bars for period 4.
  • TF5 - timeframe of period 5.
  • BarsTF5 - number of bars for period 5.
  • TF6 - timeframe of period 6.
  • BarsTF6 - number of bars for period 6.
  • ArrowSize - arrow’s basic size.
  • X_kv - original coordinates of the left corner of the table X .
  • Y_kv - original coordinates of the left corner of the table Y.
  • cArrowUp - uptrend arrow color.
  • cArrowDown - downtrend arrow color.
  • cArrowFlet - flat arrow color.
  • cText - text color.
  • cBack - background color.

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