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This Expert Advisor is based on an inefficiency of the EURUSD currency during two days of the week. It works only on EURUSD H1.

It opens a new position on statistic base at the beginning of a week and always closes it at the end of the week or if a Stop Loss is hit. No target profit is applied. This EA is designed to work in midterm.

No indicator is used.

There are three input parameters:

  • MyLot: volume of every trade (1 lot is the default value). The entered volume is checked against the minimum and maximum volumes allowed. This check is performed in the initialization phase of the EA and run time before sending an order.
  • EurUsdName: string that identifies the EURUSD currency in the broker platform (EURUSD is the default value). This input parameter is checked during the initialization of the EA. This parameter and its check are introduced to prevent to run the EA on different Forex instrument.
  • StopLossPips: it is applied to every trade, the default value is 120 pips (because it is the best value found). The minimum value is 10 pips. The value is checked versus the current spread in the initialization phase and before sending an order.

With errors in the input parameters, the execution of Expert Advisor does not stop.

There is no martingale.

In this version, no money management is implemented.

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