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GMaster Two waves

The GMaster Two waves Expert Advisor is based on the logic of the Stochastic MIDL indicator, averaging of two Stochastics (7,3,4) and (20,3,7), with limitation on noises and minor movements. The Lim parameter calculates the trend and uses it to perform trades in either direction. The trades are closed by TakeProfit, if the trade is performed in the right direction, or places an averaging grid, which also closes by ТР.

All trades, with no exception, have StopLoss and TakeProfit, which are uniformly set by the STTP manager for all the averaging grid. All trades in a direction have one SL and one TP. All trades are protected in case the connection to broker is lost.

Manual trading mode is also available. The lot size adjustment buttons allow to place trades with the same Magic, as in the trades placed automatically, and they will be managed by the EA. It is also possible to place pending orders with manual adjustment o the lot size. Select the required lot size using the buttons, then press the Pending Order button. After that, a line appears, move it to the required price level. Next, select the order type. The order is placed at the price where the line is located.

If the trade is opened not in the trend direction, the averaging grid can be configured.


  • MAGICB - magic number for the Long direction;
  • MAGICS - magic number for the Short direction;
  • "__Working hours__GMT__";
  • Hours_to_GMT_Offset - GMT offset of the broker, terminal time zone.
  • Hours - enable/disable operation in time interval or round the clock;
  • Begin_hour- the EA operation start hour relative to GMT;
  • End_hour- the hour for the EA to stop placing initial trades automatically. At the same time, the EA continues to manage the already opened trades.
  • "_The parameters for the EURUSD H1.";
  • "__Start__";
  • GameOn - enable operation or reset the EA;
  • Deals - number of initial trades opened simultaneously;
  • Lot - lot to perform the initial trades;
  • LotForManual - lot for manual trading;
  • TP - Take Profit;
  • SLPLUS - Stop Loss;
  • СoefLot - lot increment for the averaging grid;
  • Lim - parameter for ignoring the noises or minor movements;
  • Step - averaging grid step, 0.2 - aggressive and fast actions in the averaging grid, 250 - non-aggressive and prolonged actions in the grid;
  • Net - enable/disable the compensation averaging grid;
  • OnOffUnLine - enable/disable nonuniform grid spacing;
  • ULсoef - step nonuniformity ratio;
  • Slippage - slippage;
  • "__Directions On/Off.__";
  • SELL- enable trading in the Short direction;
  • BUY - enable trading in the Long direction;
  • "__Restrictions__";
  • LotMax - sets the maximum lot for any trade;
  • OnOffLock - enable/disable the automatic locking for the level set below. Does not affect manual locking;
  • LockLevel - maximum allowed Margin Level;
  • "__Trailingator__" - trailing parameters;
  • TrailingStop = 3;
  • TrailingStep = 6;
  • "__Working mode(Color/BW)__" - display settings;
  • BW ;
  • DelObj - delete the objects from the screen after the EA deinitialization.

Default parameters are set for EURUSD M5.

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Version 1.1 2017.01.17
Fixes to the value of lot size in the averaging grid.