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Power of Trend

Power of Trend indicator Based on some of our strategies. It is especially designed for long term and short term trading. Power Trend indicator show you Entry price, Exit Price, Signal Type Buy or Sell it doesn't matter which time you are using it. When you set it on your chart it analyze the previous History Bars and show you all previous and new signals levels.

Trading Condition

  • Take Buy Entry when BUY Signal Generate
  • Take Sell Entry when Sell Signal Generate

TimeFrame Period

  • M15 - M30 - H1 - H4 - D1

How to Set Stop-Loss?

  1. When indicator Generate BUY or SELL signal it automatically create two small lines. And it will show you signal Entry price and Stop-Level Price on your chart screen.
  2. For BUY Trade you can set your stop loss at first ( Fix 400 points stop-level line) or second lower Green stop-level line. this is automated stop-level line.
  3. For SELL Trade you can set your stop loss at first ( Fix 400 points Red line ) or You can choose upper Red stop-level line.
  4. Normal stop loss in points 400 but if you set your stop-loss at second price level then it is much better.
  5. If Stop-Loss is more than 800 or 1000 points then you can avoid that signal.

Input Parameters

  • Stop_Level = 400 - SL Points for Stop-level line
  • Target = 1100 - Reset Signal after Reach target

Important Note

  1. Normally Trade Target is 1200 to 1600 and 1800 to 3200 points but sometimes market moves in positive side 650 to 900 points.
  2. If you put a buy order and market move in your favor around 500 to 750 points range then you can set your trade stop loss at Breakeven. or you can do wait to hit your Target.
  3. if you realize may be market move more in positive side then you can do Big your Take profit.
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Version 2.0 2016.08.11
We added some new features in Power of Trend new upgrade version. Now you do on of Signal Alert Notification. In new version add (MACD, RSI, Bollinger Band, and Envelopes) to understand market trend and condition. You can view your SL/TP Level price value. SL/TP in Points. It show you current currency pair Name and Price & Spread in Points. If in first version have any bug or error so all the bugs and errors are fixed.