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Stoch Alert

The Stoch Alert indicator notifies that the main Stochastic line has crossed its signal line in the overbought or oversold area. And it draws an arrow on the chart signaling to buy or to sell where there was a crossing of the Stochastic (the option can be disabled in the settings).

In the indicator parameters, you can select any timeframe for the stochastic irrespective of the timeframe of the current active on the chart.


  • Timeframe for stochastic - select the timeframe for the indicator calculation.
  • K Period - the period of the main Stochastic line.
  • D Period - the period of the signal Stochastic line.
  • Slowing - Stochastic slowing.
  • Alert - enable popup alerts.
  • MetaQuotes Messages - enable push notifications.
  • Mail Messages - enable emails.
  • Draw Entry on chart? - show/hide the signal on the chart in the form of an arrow?
Ruanava911 2017.04.12 05:01 

Works fine