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This indicator is a variation of a moving average smoothed using a digital filter with adjustable sensitivity. The signal about changes in direction of the moving average is generated after the candle, where the moving average changed its direction. Signals are not re-painted.

Sensitivity of the instrument should be selected individually for each instrument and period.

Adjustable Parameters

  • MA_Price - price to plot the moving average;
  • MA_Period - period of the moving average;
  • MA_Method - smoothing method of the moving average;
  • Sensitivity (>0) - indicator sensitivity;
  • IndBarsCount (>-1) - number of bars the indicator is displayed on;
  • Alerts - show a dialog box containing user data;
  • Text_BUY - custom text for buy signals;
  • Text_SELL - custom text for sell signals;
  • Send_Mail - sends an email using an address specified on the Email tab of the options window;
  • Subject - subject of the email;
  • Send_Notification - sends push notifications to the mobile terminals, whose MetaQuotes IDs are specified in the "Notifications" tab.
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