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One Touch Trader by DNG

We offer you a new trading panel for working in the MetaTrader 4. This development allows the trader to open and close trades with "One-Touch", which is very useful for scalping. At the same time, the panel is able to autonomously maintain open positions, its features include optional algorithms for stop loss, take profit, transferring to breakeven and trailing stop. All algorithms have virtual levels that are not transmitted to the broker, which allows the use of ultra low levels, which are prohibited by the broker. At the same time, the levels are displayed on the chart. With this, in order to reduce the risks when closing the panel or terminal, the utility provides the option to lock the current stop loss and take profit levels of the order on the broker side.

Often, the use of trading panels causes the charts to become "cluttered". After all, the panel itself takes up a part of the chart, thus narrowing the view for possible analysis by the trader. We approached this problem from different angles, which allowed us to offer the trader multiple solutions:

  • easy to read, user-friendly and compact buttons;
  • only the necessary information is displayed on the panel, which allowed to reduce the size of the panel;
  • it is possible to "minimize" the panel during the analysis;
  • it is possible to move the panel to any empty space on the chart at any time.

In addition to all this, the panel can be made transparent. The panel transparency can be adjusted in the settings and can vary from 0% to 100% inclusive. This allows to use the panel even on small charts.

The panel contains 6 functional buttons:

  • Buy, Sell - Open the corresponding market orders;
  • Close Buy, Close Sell - Close the corresponding position;
  • Hedge - Calculates the current difference between the Buy and Sell positions on the symbol and places a "locking" order;
  • Close All - Closes all open positions for the instrument.

The main part of parameters for trading have been moved to the trade panel settings. For convenience, the parameters are divided into blocks:

Main Parameters

  • ATR period - Period of the ATR indicator, the indicator values are used in algorithms for calculation of stop loss, take profit, breakeven and trailing stop levels.
  • Risk to one trade - Maximum loss per trade as a percentage of the deposit
  • Lot type - Lot type. The options are: Auto, Micro, Mini, Standard
  • Close orders before the opening of the opposite - Close the current position before opening the opposite order (On / Off)
  • Slippage, points - Maximum slippage level when opening / closing a position
  • StopLoss Multiplier, ATR*X - Multiplier to the ATR indicator value to determine the stop loss level
  • TakeProfit multiplier, ATR*X - Multiplier to the ATR indicator value to determine the take profit level
  • Push SL&TP at Deinit - Commit the latest stop loss and take profit values in the order on the broker side when closing the program (On / Off)
  • Magic number - Magic number. It is possible to use an individual number to track only the orders opened by the panel. It is possible to use a number of another EA to track and maintain orders of that EA. When set to "0" - tracks orders opened through the MetaTrader means. When set to "-1", tracks all orders on the instrument regardless of the magic number.

Visualization parameters

  • Font color - Font color of the displayed information
  • Background color - Background color of the trading panel
  • Background transparent - Transparency level of the trading panel in percents
  • Show SL&TP Levels - Display the stop loss and take profit levels of orders on the chart (On / Off)
  • Color of SL&TP Levels - Color of lines to display the stop loss and take profit levels of orders on the chart
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