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Ozymandias Trade

Ozymandias Trade is a unique trading system based on trading along the trend using the signals of the indicator of the same name.

Advantages of the EA

  • Trades in the trend direction;
  • Not afraid of the news and gaps;
  • Uses virtual StopLoss and TakeProfit levels;
  • Automatically detects suffixes and prefixes of the traded instruments;
  • Works with 5-digit and 4-digit quotes;
  • Protection from deposit wipe-out.

Input Parameters

  • Trade - enable trading, true - trading allowed;
  • CloseAll - close all open orders, true - close, also disables trading (even if Trade = true);
  • Magic - EA magic number;
  • Lot - order volume;
  • Multiplier - multiplier for position increase;
  • Amplitude - indicator parameter;
  • Cache - profit per 0,01 lot (calculation considers non-locked positions);
  • Close_Loss - close all orders of the same type, if the drawdown of those orders in the deposit currency exceeds the Close_Loss value, (if Close_Loss = 0 disabled);
  • Panel - show the information panel, true - displayed;
  • Panel_Color - color of the information panel.

How It Works

Market entry is performed according to the indicator signal. When an order reaches profit of Cache, the order is closed and a new one is opened. In case the indicator signal changes to an opposite one and if there is an open position, the EA opens an order in the signal direction with such a volume that to total positions in the trend direction becomes Multiplier times greater. Thus, one part of the positions will be locked and the other - in the trend direction, and the trend is our friend. When a profit equal to Cache is reached, the orders are closed and trading starts once a new indicator signal appears.

Trading recommendations:

The EA shows good results with the standard settings on the currency pairs with H4 and D1 timeframes. Other timeframes can also be used for trading at the discretion of the trader.

To speed up the operation in the strategy tester, it is recommended to disable the information panel.

Note: examples of the EA testing are provided in the screenshots. The drawdown specified in the tester is greater than the real one, as it occurs as a result of closure by virtual TP and SL of opposite orders, equity does not change, and the balance jumps up and down.

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