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Careful Expert

The Careful Еxpert EA trades in both directions at start, using individual tactics for each direction! The EA uses small take profit and large stop loss, which allows it to easily take profit even on rollbacks, which often trigger stop losses placed near the order. This tactic rarely triggers 2-3 stops in a row, which allows to successfully use martingale! The EA can work on multiple pairs simultaneously, it is not afraid of disruptions in the terminal operation! If it is shut down and restarted, the robot will immediately pick up its trades and continue operation! Minimum deposit for work is $300, $2000 or higher is recommended (or $20 for cent accounts).

Monitoring on a real account: https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/202467

Expert Advisor Settings

  • Language INFO - language of the output information (Russian/English).
  • Auto Lot - Automatic lot (set as 0,01 per value specified here).
  • Lot - Initial lot.
  • Stop Loss - Stop loss. The value must be greater than 100. The robot calculates take profit automatically!
  • Max Spread - Maximum spread at which the EA is allowed to trade!

Following are the EA trading time settings, which can be changed at your discretion! By default, the robot operates around the clock!

  • Magic number - magic number for multi-currency trading.
  • Color buy - Color of the buy trades.
  • Color sell - Color of the sell trades.
  • Info - Enable/disable graphic objects on the screen.
  • Text color - Text color.
  • Font - Text font.
  • Text Profit color - Profit color.
  • Text Loss color - Loss color.
  • Deposit currency - Deposit currency.

The back-test of the EA (GBPUSD pair, default settings) from 2015.01.01 to 2016.06.16, initial deposit $300, showed growth of + 811$, with a maximum drawdown of $361, which is quite good! It should be noted that a large initial deposit significantly reduces risks, which allows to use the robot safer!

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