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Another version of the universal Expert Advisor for MT4 - Snitch-FX

Fully automated trading system protects your deposit from the long-term drawdowns with the help of a special trade processing algorithm and division of trading intervals into groups, using the indicator algorithm of making decisions on opening one or another trades.

The StopLoss is fixed and is used for the inversion of the drawdown and the deletion of erroneous trades from the group.

The default settings are designed to maintain a stable operation of the EA over a long time, it was tested on 15-minute intervals on the EURUSD, USDJPY, XAUUSD currency pairs.

Suitable for ECN accounts.

Adjustable Parameters:

  • magic - unique number for this Expert Advisor (-1), determined automatically
  • Logotip - output of additional information
  • Exponential mode - calculation of the estimated profit using the exponential degree of the group, if this mode is disabled, the calculation of the estimated profit is performed by multiplying the group number using a multiplier (x10)
  • exitmode - trade closure and market exit mode (false), if enabled (True), the EA is not allowed to open new orders
  • Messages - send the messages on the current situation to the Android device
  • Orders count - the maximum number of orders in the group (10)
  • Max groups - the maximum number of groups in one trading range (5)
  • Trades count - the number of orders in one bar of the chart
  • Risk (0,1-1) - multiplier for determining the risk per deposit
  • OrderSL - Stop loss to prevent a deep drawdown in the group (200 points)
  • Levels - Shows the most significant levels on the current chart

Reports on the state of the deposit are sent every day, at the beginning of a new trading session, with the corresponding settings in the terminal.

Also displays the information about the state of the deposit and has an indicator of opening markets, denoted by vertical lines on the chart.

The advantage of this advisor during the trading is the fast reaction to changes of the market situation.

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