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This Indicator is as simple as Buy & Sell.

What makes RenkoScalping different

  • Entry is based on the close of the previous candle which means that you can take the trade as soon as you see the signal.
  • Signal does not repaint (true signal calculated when market Move).
  • Signal is early, not like other indicators giving the signal after going far away either side.
  • Works in all charts But in Renko charts it works well.


  • Create renko offline chart.
  • Add indicator.
  • The arrows"Up / Down" Buy or Sell.
  • When a Buy signal (Arrow Up) is popped up, take the Buy trade.
  • When a Sell signal (Arrow down) is popped up, take the Sell trade.
  • Consider TP & SL at Support / Resistance levels (the Best) or Renko Box Change Color.
Luca Laurienzo
Luca Laurienzo 2016.03.10 18:43   

It repaints a lot. GIve me the refund.

Version 3.0 2016.02.04
Fix some Bugs.
Update indicator to work faster with candlestick.
Signals Updated (show signal in the last bar after close current bar).
Version 2.10 2016.02.01
fix the arrow position.
Version 2.0 2016.01.29
Fixed some bugs.

Increased the signal processing speed.