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Verdure Standard Pivot Trail


This is the STANDARD version in the Verdure Pivot Trail Series. Verdure Standard Pivot Trail plots STANDARD pivot levels for every bar on the chart. Pivot levels are great at determining turning points in the market and when period pivot levels are compared to daily pivot level, these turns can be accurately predicted and timed.


  • Dynamically calculates and draws Pivot levels for every bar on the chart (Central Pivot Point, R1, R2, R3, S1, S2 and S3)
  • Pivot level can be used to trail positions or to determine turning points in the market.
  • Works on all 9 timeframes from M1 to MN1.
  • Values for previous periods are contained in the buffer and can be viewed in the data window. This is particularly useful if you want to understand how price behaves around pivot levels.
  • Fully customizable options from INPUT tab of the indicator property window.
  • Can be configured to send email for every period.
  • Can be configured to send notification for every period to mobile terminal.
  • Can be used in EAs using iCustom to get data from the appropriate buffer.


  • Saves time as you never have to manually calculate pivots levels again...NEVER
  • Makes use of data from your broker's platform so you do not need to rely on the already calculated pivot points from some websites on the Internet whose data might be different from your broker's
  • Fully customizable, so that you only display pivot levels that you use in your strategy. For example, you can choose to only display Central Pivot, Resistance 1 and Support 1. This is quite useful in the sense that it helps to keep your chart clean and tidy. You can choose to display any combination of pivot levels.
  • Can be used on all instruments on MetaTrader 4
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