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BSN Multi Bollinger Light

BSN Multi Bollinger light is a Multi Currency Expert Advisor that works on 6 currency pairs:

This is a light version of BSN Multi Bolinger.

You can replace the existing symbols in the input parameters. I recommend to use H4 (4 Hours) period for operation.

This Expert Advisor can detect 4 and 5-digit quotes automatically.

Trading Strategy

This Expert Advisor uses Bollinger Bands indicator for generating signals. It tracks the price movement inward or outward a price channel.

Positions are closed by Take Profit and Stop Loss or according to opposite signal with additional trailing stop method (moving stop loss for every profit position) or pyramiding strategy (adding lot volume for every profit position).

The money management is based on free margin and risk.

Input Parameters

There are two groups of parameters:

1. General Parameters:

  • Risk Factor - risk in percentage terms;
  • MagicNumber - identification number of the Expert Advisor that can be used when using multiple Expert Advisor at once;
  • Money Management - has 2 options: 1. Fixed Lot or 2. Based on free margin & risk;
  • Lots - trade volume in lots if the Money Management parameter is set to Fixed Lot;
  • Check Account History - if true, this feature automatically checks Profit/Loss Ratio for every symbol and then changes the Percentage of Lot based on P/L Ratio. The bigger P/L Ratio the bigger Percentage of Lot for the symbol;
  • Additional Trading Method - has 2 options: 1. Trailing and 2. Pyramiding method.

2. Special Parameters for Each Symbol:

  • Symbol Name - symbol name;
  • Percentage of Lot - percentages used to calculate the percentage of lot of trading volume available for each symbol
  • Band Periode - periods of the Band;
  • Band Deviation - deviation of the Band;
  • Stop Loss - Stop Loss in pips;
  • Take Profit - Take Profit in pips;
  • Step Point ( in pips ) - Trailing Step Point or Pyramiding Step Point;
  • Increase Volume Lot - for Pyramiding.


The fastest way to optimize this Expert Advisor is using "Open Price Only". This has similar results to "Every Tick" or "1 Minute OHLC". After you have optimized the parameters, you can double check them with "Every Tick" or "1 Minute OHLC".

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