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ShadowEA is a multicurrency night scalper with a strict stop loss

EA Features:

  • No martingale, no averaging, no grid;
  • Minimum deposit - 100$;
  • Minimum lot - 0.01;
  • Minimum leverage - 1:100;
  • Timeframe M15;
  • Recommended types of accounts - ECN and NDD (standard and cent accounts not recommended);
  • EA does not require optimization.
Caution! To work correctly, you must set the right EA GMT-offset (TimeShift in the EA SETUP) in accordance with GMT-offset of your broker. Offset is changed 2 times per year (summer and winter time).

Brief description of the EA:

Each currency pair opens its own order, which does not depend on orders for other pairs. Orders are opened based on the current spread and signal of EA. Accordingly, depending on the broker and the conditions provided, deals may differ from our official monitoring.

Caution! It is recommended to turn off EA in the periods of high volatility on the market associated with important macroeconomic news, or political events.

EA settings:

  • EA_Comment - EA comment;
  • Magic - the number to calculate Magic using number generator. When you run the EA on several different pairs, magic number will be assigned automatically for orders of each pair;
  • TimeShift - trading time shift on the broker's server with respect to GMT;
  • FixLots - traded lot size for a fixed lot;
  • AutoMM - calculation of traded lot in the AutoMM lot;
  • Trade_Monday/.../Friday - false/true permit or not EA work on a specific day of the week;
  • Manual_SL_TP - false/true. The manual installation of SL and TP levels (if these parameters are changed, results similar to official monitoring can not be guaranteed, since it uses the default values);
  • Manual_TakeProfit - manually setting the level of TP;
  • Manual_StopLoss - manually setting the level of SL;
  • MaxSpread - the maximum allowed spread. The default value is 0.0, which means that the EA uses spread settings from the code for each currency pair. See the maximum allowed spread in the EA info window (upper left corner of the chart);
  • Slippage - Slippage;
  • Breakeven - false/true use or not breakeven setting (by default this option is disabled and do not work on the official EA monitorings);
  • LevelLoss - the size of the profit in the points at which the work breakeven;
  • LevelProfit - breakeven level in points.

EA Monitoring

First Eagle
First Eagle 2016.11.29 10:33 

With 200 USD balance I get the same results (+10% in two months). With 5k balance, my results are in the minus (-4% in one month). I will update accordingly.

Version 1.4 2016.04.13
Currency pairs settings updated
Version 1.3 2015.11.30
Alghoritm changes.
Version 1.2 2015.11.03
Fixed bug with setting manual stoploss.