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Operate Divergence

The indicator operates a trend of divergence.

The product is based on the MACD divergence.

When the price line and the MACD line go together in the same direction, it indicates that that the trend will continue.

The divergence between the direction of the price line and the MACD line indicates a possible reversal of trend. In an uptrend, a bearish divergence occurs when prices keep rising and the MACD line in the overbought region begins to fall. In a downtrend, a bullish divergence occurs when prices keep falling and the MACD line in the oversold region begins to rise. These differences indicate tops and bottoms.

The indicator analyzes these differences and emits a warning signal and a graphic signal when these differences happen in this period.

  • This indicator can be used for all currency pairs and for all timeframes.
  • Platform - MetaTrader 4.


  • Quick Media: fastEMA = 12;
  • Slow Media: slowEMA = 26;
  • MACD sign: signalSMA=9;
  • You can receive an alert:
    • displayAlert=true;
  • You can see the signs on the charts:
    • drawIndicatorTrendLines=true;
    • drawPriceTrendLines=true;
    • ShowCrossings = true;
  • Signal color:
    • Color_Crossing=DimGray.
iamgold 2019.08.01 13:29 

this is one of the best indikator i ever bourght, very good entry i can take, simpel to use, i can only give 5 star for so good Tool it is a must have

Raylee Inglis
Raylee Inglis 2019.07.13 01:46 

I use this indicator as an exit for my trades. It is very useful when scalping the 1 min. It combines very well with the RSI for reversal patterns. Great indicator

Version 2.19 2016.01.04
MCDA adjustment in the calculation of the team.
Version 2.16 2015.12.23
Correction in the Show Crossings line in periods of m5 and m15.