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FT ROC Histogram MT4

Indicator that plots the ROC (Rate of change) values from the selected price or moving average as a histogram with smoothing line.

Displayed Data

  • ExtROC - Rate of change.
  • ExtMAROC - Smoothing line.


  • InpCalculation - You can choose between price and moving average. From this values will be calculated ROC.
  • InpCalculationPriceAppliedPrice - Applied price when calculating with price (Close, High, Low, Median, Open, Typical, Weighted).
  • InpCalculationMAPeriod - Moving average period when calculating with moving average.
  • InpCalculationMAAppliedPrice - Moving average applied price when calculating with moving average (Close, High, Low, Median, Open, Typical, Weighted).
  • InpCalculationMAMethod - Moving average method when calculating with moving average (SMA, EMA, LWMA, SMMA).
  • InpROCPeriod - Rate of change period.
  • InpMAROCMethod - Moving average method for smoothing (SMA, EMA, LWMA, SMMA).
  • InpMAROCPeriod - Moving average period for smoothing.
omega6 2017.02.22 21:09 

Thanks for this usefull indi !! Equilibrium of Price is easier to find and percentage pricechange is never to ignore now.

Maksym Mudrakov
Maksym Mudrakov 2016.08.31 15:32 

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