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TDI Flat Market Indicator

TDI Flat Market Indicator is an oscillator indicator which works in a separate window. It is based on RSI (Relative Strength Index), Trade Signal Method and Market Base Method. It identifies the flat market behavior which helps in determining when to enter the market.

The parameters used for indicator calculation are:

  1. RSI Period – 13 bars
  2. RSI Price – Close price
  3. RSI Signal Period – 2 bars
  4. RSI Signal Method – Simple
  5. Trade Signal Period – 7 bars
  6. Trade Signal Method – Simple
  7. Market Base Period – 34 bars
  8. Market Base Method – Simple
  9. Look Back Bars – 1, the number of previous bars to be taken into consideration for calculating the flat market
  10. Delta – 1, the percentage of fluctuation of the current bar from the number of Look Back Bars

TDI Flat Market Indicator identifies the flat market behavior and notifies of it through various means such as:

  • By displaying a Cross sign on the indicator window
  • By sending alert messages
  • By sending email
  • By sending mobile notification
  • By producing sound alert

Traders can opt for either of the above mentioned mode of receiving notifications of the market flat behavior.

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