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Double Turtle Trading Channel Indicator

Turtle Trading Channel Indicator belongs to the category of channel indicator like Bollinger Band. Its upper band is formed by the highest price throughout a period of time, while its lower band is plotted by the lowest price throughout a N period of time.

This indicator is named Turtle Trading Channel Indicator is because it is formed by two Turtle Trading Channels, which work like Double Bollinger Band concept.

Setting/How to Use/Inputs Properties of the Indicator:

  • Period for Upper Band (1) : {default value:55}
  • Period for Upper Band (2) : {default value:20}
  • Period for Lower Band (1) : {default value:55}
  • Period for Lower Band (2) : {default value:20}


  1. All updates are free of charge for ex-buyers.
  2. You are welcomed to contact me at hanhuitan@gmail.com (skype: michaeltanhh) if you need additional related features or you want to customize the app.
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