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Trades: 7 199
Profit Trades: 4 710 (65.43%)
Loss Trades: 2 489 (34.57%)
Best trade: 252.85 USD
Worst trade: -262.79 USD
Gross Profit: 77 244.14 USD (754 894 pips)
Gross Loss: -44 410.29 USD (431 740 pips)
Maximum consecutive wins: 40 (312.87 USD)
Maximal consecutive profit: 658.61 USD (30)
Sharpe Ratio: 0.13
Recovery Factor: 19.54
Long Trades: 3 679 (51.10%)
Short Trades: 3 520 (48.90%)
Profit Factor: 1.74
Expected Payoff: 4.56 USD
Average Profit: 16.40 USD
Average Loss: -17.84 USD
Maximum consecutive losses: 24 (-46.98 USD)
Maximal consecutive loss: -419.28 USD (4)
Monthly growth: 0.00%
Annual Forecast: 0.00%
Best trade: 252.85 USD
Maximum consecutive wins: 40 (312.87 USD)
Maximal consecutive profit: 658.61 USD (30)
Worst trade: -262.79 USD
Maximum consecutive losses: 24 (-46.98 USD)
Maximal consecutive loss: -419.28 USD (4)
Drawdown by balance:
Absolute: 461.20 USD
Maximal: 1 680.42 USD (3.79%)
Relative drawdown:
By Balance: 7.06% (724.33 USD)
By Equity: 2.46% (503.23 USD)

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2013.09.27 19:02 


2013.09.19 21:43 

is on another account

2013.09.13 21:49 

i move to another eccount

Sergey Kramorev
2013.08.19 18:52 

Please tell us why today does not receive signals?

Liangjun Qi
2013.08.19 16:06 

hi,i subscribe it today ,but is didn,t opened any order.i want to know is it working?

Zaimi Yazid
2013.08.12 18:19 

Do the mt4 terminal need to opened all time to receive this signal?

xihua zheng
2013.08.06 19:06 

2013.08.06 20:47:04 Credits: authorization failed (receive response failed [12002])

2013.08.02 11:41 

Not in sync with GFT Broker

soeherman effendy
2013.07.25 16:08 

2013.07.25 21:06:53 '143577': Signal - synchronization terminated, cannot copy position, symbol CADJPY not found

2013.07.24 00:04 

no good

2013.07.18 04:52 

Very good

Paul Reynolds
2013.07.16 18:19 

Well I am losing money while you seem to be raking it in ??

Something is not right here

2013.07.15 16:42 


the market prices between mic-demo and other brokers are completely different

put all the gains you see on the site at a loss in your account !!

danger, put the first in test for a week in your broker demo and controls....

job to job the price of opening and closing ..You will find differences even 5 pips on orders

also you have more than 2 pips slipp

do not put this signal in real without first try him

Pace Johnson
2013.07.15 09:45 

100 Pip differences in the wrong direction in both open and close prices on Alpari Demo. Can't figure that out as the price can not vary that much broker to broker over the course of a few seconds (good delay to signal provider etc...).

2013.07.14 18:53 

Unfortunately the delays for the Setups were too big.

2013.07.12 12:11 

doesnt work :O in half hour i lose 5% deposit

Rimando Cajes
2013.07.11 16:22 

i dont understand why the service is showing growth while my account is losing! Unbelievable.

2013.07.09 15:28 

Signals whitout Logic Background. No clear description of the trading system. Too many trades with slow pips and delay kills the account.

Aleksandr Garbuzov
2013.07.05 07:20 

пробовал подключить на roboforex и на mmcis

так выдает предупреждения что есть не совпадающие валютные пары, поставил на FIBO вроде нормально копирует

Sergey Merkulov
2013.06.20 18:30 

Интересно на каком брокере этот сигнал будет работать? Поставил на демку в Альпари пока стабильно минус по не многу растет.

2013.11.29 11:34 2013.11.29 11:34:13

Investors are starting guess when the rally in the market of the USA will end

Yesterday the trading session in Europe has been rather quiet with just a small increase of the main indexes. The statistics which have been published yesterday had moderately positive character. So, unemployment in Germany in November appeared at the level of expectations and didn't change in comparison with the last month – 6,9%%. The index of business climate in Eurozone considerably surpassed forecast and made 0,18 points instead of expected 0,03 points. The consumer price index in Germany in November also appeared to be slightly higher than expectations that has to weaken deflationary fears. As the result, index of London stock exchange FTSE 100 grew by 0,08%%, an index of the Parisian stock exchange CAC 40 - for 0,22%% and an index of the Frankfurt stock exchange DAX – 0,39%%.

Asian indexes did not show uniform dynamics this morning. Unemployment in Japan for October appeared above expectations of the market and made 4%%, the consumer price index coincided with forecast and made 0,9%%. As a result Japanese Nikkei decreased by 0,41%%, the Korean KOSPI – for 0,24%%. Shanghai Composite grew for 0,07%%, Hang Seng – for 0,2%%.

Participants of the world market, independently from the stock market they are trading in, with close attention now follow the American stock market. Everybody is interested of the outcome of the record rally of the USA stock indexes we have seen this year. That it will be hardly anyone doubts - trees don't grow to heavens. Consequences of this outcome will feel on themselves as well all other stock markets.

We would like to remind that already on Sunday night will become known preliminary estimates of a season of sales in America and there is a big share of probability that demand of consumers this year will be weaker and data in whole will show negative results, which certainly can lead to correction. There are all bases to believe that next week we will see the ... (see more or

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2013.11.28 13:37 2013.11.28 13:37:02

The market of the USA is going to be closed in honor of Thanksgiving Day celebration

Yesterday the stock market of the United States finished trading session with the moderate growth of the main stock indexes. Indexes were getting support from the published macroeconomic statistical data and the hi-tech sector looked better than the market due to the successful reporting of Hewlett-Packard. The price of shares of producer of the computer equipment, Hewlett-Packard, jumped up for 9,1%% against the publication of the quarterly report. The company revenue in three months decreased from $29,96 billion year earlier to $29,1 billion while analysts expected only $27,8 billion.

Let’s remind that according to the published data the number of primary requests for unemployment benefits for last week was reduced from the reconsidered 326 thousand to 316 thousand whereas the increase to 330 thousand was expected; The Chicago Purchasing Managers' Index in November decreased more than expectations - to 63 points at average forecasts at the level of 60, and an index of consumer confidence of university of Michigan for the current month showed increase from 72 points to 75,1 though, the increase only of 73,5 points was expected. Disappointed only data on orders for long using goods for October - the indicator was reduced by 2%%, which is slightly stronger than expectations.

So successful confluence of encouraging macroeconomic statistics helped all three stock indexes of the USA to go over some important trading levels, even the trading volumes yesterday were lower than usually due to the upcoming Thanksgiving Day when the exchanges will be closed.

Following the results of the trading session the indicator of blue chips Dow Jones Industrial Average raised on 0,15%% to level of 16097,33 points, the index of the wide market Standard & Poor's 500 increased by 0,25%% to a level of 1807,23 points, and the index of high-tech industries Nasdaq Composite went to plus on 0,67%% and reached a level of 4044,75 points.

In the commodity market, Brent is adding in price and has managed to go over level of 111,00$. This morning Brent is traded on a price of 111,42$ per barrel and increasing for 0,09%%. Light at the same time is falling in price, traded on a price of 92,22$ per barrel and decreasing for 0,08%%. Gold and silver are stable in the levels metals were yesterday. Gold is up for 0,09%% on a level of 1238,95$ per troy ounce, silver is up for 0,11%% at price of 19,66$ per troy ounce.

As to the EUR/USD currency pair, euro continues to become stronger. EUR/USD had bases to continue strengthening as since the ... (see more or

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2013.11.27 13:01 2013.11.27 13:01:37

Nasdaq subdued a level of 4000 points

Yesterday the stock market of the United States finished trading session with the insignificant growth of the main stock indexes. The Standard & Poor's 500 index manages to keep over a level of 1800 points whereas the index of blue chips Dow Jones rather surely is traded over level of 16 000 points.

Considerable volume of statistics which caused the mixed reaction in the markets has been published yesterday. Housing prices in 20 capital regions of the USA in 12 months with the termination in September increased to the maximum size since February, 2006 that signals about improvement gleams on the housing market. Moreover the number of permissions for construction of houses in October increased for 6,2%% more than expectations. At the same time, data on an index of consumer confidence for November disappointed investors - the indicator contrary to expectations decreased from the reconsidered 72,4 points to 70,4 points whereas retreat only to 72,9 points was expected.

Let's note that in the last half an hour of the trading session indexes reduced the obtained gain almost to zero as institutional investors tried to consider coming into force changes in structures of the MSCI indexes. Despite it, the index of hi-tech sector Nasdaq Composite managed to finish session above a level of 4000 points for the first time since 2000.

Following the results of the trading session the indicator of blue chips of Dow Jones Industrial Average finished at the same price as the previous day at the level of 16072,80 points, the index of the wide market Standard & Poor's 500 increased by 0,1%% to a level of 1802,75 points, and the index of high-tech industries Nasdaq Composite went to plus on 0,58%% and reached a level of 4017,75 points.

Commodities prices are stable, Brent is adding 0,06%% and traded on a level of 110,95$ per barrel; WTI is down for 0,25%% at price of 93,45$. Gold and silver are adding 0,39%% and 0,32%% accordingly, traded on a level of 1246,20$ and 19,91$ per troy ounce.

Due to the celebration of Thanksgiving Day tomorrow, traditional weekly demands for unemployment benefits will be published today. Surprises are not expected, after jump due to the ... (see more or

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2013.11.26 11:56 2013.11.26 11:56:26

Investors are trying to avoid active actions

Key stock indexes of Europe showed positive dynamics supported by the found agreement on control of the nuclear program in Iran. So, Iran refused uranium enrichment for the next six months in exchange for mitigation of the economic sanctions concerning export of oil, cars and precious metals. Based on that following the results of the trading session the key index of Great Britain FTSE 100 increased by 0,3%%, French CAC 40 became 0,55%% heavier, and German DAX went to plus for 0,88%%.

The American market also has started first day of the trading week on a positive note, but by the end of the day indexes showed different results. S&P index shows growth for seven last weeks supported by idea of preservation of volume of the program of quantitative easing by FED. "The day before it became known that a number of banks made the statement that if FED will start to cut the quantitative program and will make interest on deposits negative, banks will start to take money from clients for bank deposits”, - the experts make comments, noting that this information justifies a turn in oil and gold and also the equity market can receive the next portion of free cash.

Following the results of the trading session the Dow Jones index added 0,04%% and reached level of 16072,54 points, S&P decreased by 0,12%%, to the level of 1802,48 points, Nasdaq appeared in plus for 0,07%% and made 3994,57 points.

Asian markets this morning are moving in a different directions too. Japanese Nikkei loses 0,11%%, correcting after four-day growth against strengthening yen in relation to dollar. The Chinese Shanghai Composite grew by 0,01%%, the Korean KOSPI added 0,14%%, the Hong Kong HANG SENG grew up for 0,21%%.

Prices of commodities restored loses we have seen yesterday. Brent is traded on 110,59$ per barrel, Light is up to 94,46$ per barrel. Gold is increasing for 1,00%% and is on the level of 1253,64$ per troy ounce, silver managed to return back to the level above 20,00$ adding 1,41%% and traded on a price of 20,16$ per troy ounce.

Today are not going to be published a lot of important macroeconomic statistical data. From important data - it should be noted a release of September’s data on quantity of new buildings in the ... (see more or

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2013.11.25 12:31 2013.11.25 12:31:27

Iran acquired a right to use nuclear power that pushed commodities down

Long-awaited safe permission of a situation with Iran became one of the main events of last weekend. Only after almost 10 years, on November 24, on the next round of negotiations the compromise was found in Geneva. Six international intermediaries (the Russian Federation, the USA, the People's Republic of China, Great Britain, France and Germany) recognized the right of Iran to use of nuclear power in the peace purposes on condition of control from IAEA. Within the signed arrangement there is the right of Iran to peace atom, including the right to enrichment, at understanding that this program will be put under the strictest control of IAEA. The U.S. President Barack Obama urged the congress of the USA to refrain from introduction of new sanctions against Iran due to achievement of arrangements in Geneva. According to the U.S. President B. Obama, the reached agreement represents the first step in a solution which will create space and time for achievement of further arrangements according to the nuclear program of Iran.

It isn't clear yet as all stock markets will react to this news, but the oil market precisely after such statements will have a correction. This morning Brent is losing 2,63%% traded on a level of 108,13$ and Light is down for 1,39%% at a price of 93,52$ per barrel.

Not less interesting situation continues to develop in the market of precious metals. On the basis of development of deflationary processes in Japan, Europe and the USA - gold and silver already more than a year continue the decrease and it at over soft monetary policy of the central banks and artificially increased liquidity. Fears about fast reduction of the program of monetary easing by FED only strengthen a negative view of precious metals.

From the technical point of view gold already more than a year is in a descending trend and while we cannot see even one sign which will show the turn of the trend. Recently gold has been gone throw the important technical level on a 1250,00$ and now the most expected is level of 1200, 00$ per troy ounce. This levels could be taken into consideration for the opening of the long positions. It is worth to note that cost of gold mining now on the ... (see more or

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2013.11.22 13:37 2013.11.22 13:37:25

Positive statistical data is pushing quotations up

Yesterday has been a very saturated day from a view of a published statistical data. Macroeconomic statistical data from China in the morning did not bring a lot of positive to the market. Data on business activity in the industries calculated by HSBC bank in November decreased for 0,5 points from the level of previous month and made 50,4 points.

Results in Europe were much more positive. Presented preliminary data on business activity in the manufacturing sphere in the Eurozone made 51,56 points that completely coincided with expectations of experts. In Germany the index reached level of 52,5 points, 52 points were predicted. Also today PMI preliminary results were published for services industry, indicator in the Eurozone made 50,9 points at predicted 51,9 points, and in Germany - 54,5 points, whereas 53 points were expected.

In the USA number of primary requests for unemployment benefits has been presented. For last week 323 thousand were recorded at expected 335 thousand. The previous value has been reconsidered from 339 thousand to 344 thousand. The price index of producers in October decreased by 0,2%%, but it was not a surprise for participants of the market. The worse development has been observed in Fed Manufacturing index of Philadelphia, index in November made just 6,5 points, at expected 15 points. Market indexes of the USA in the first half of the auction grow up.

As a result, trading session has finished with the Dow Jones adding 0,69%% and traded on a level of 16009,99 points, S&P 500 increased for 0,81%% reaching level of 1795,85 points and Nasdaq grew for 1,22%% to the level of 3969, 15 points.

In the meantime, oil as well rose in price to maximum levels of this month, owing to favorable data on employment and the increased demand for gasoline and diesel fuel. Price for WTI during yesterday’s trading session increased for 1,7%% to level of 95,44$ per barrel, Brent jumped for 1,87%% to a price of 110,08$.

In turn gold continues to lose in price in connection with expectations of reduction of volumes of financial stimulation of economy from FED on one of the subsequent meetings. The price of gold fell for ... (see more or

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2013.11.21 10:50 2013.11.21 10:50:47

The minutes of FOMC damped an ardor of the markets

On Thursday, the American market finished trading session with a moderate decrease. If at the beginning of the session we could observe speculative purchases supported by published data on inflation and Ben Bernanke's "soft” comments, after an exit of protocols of last FED meeting - market handed over positions and went to a minus. In the protocol of the last meeting of FED was stated that the Central Bank expects improvement of a macroeconomic picture, which in turn gives the grounds for reduction of the program of quantitative easing. The president of FED of Saint Louis, James Bullard, in his speech also noted that the question of reduction of monthly purchases is already in the agenda of the meeting in December.

The macroeconomic indicators which have been published yesterday were of the mixed character as well. On the one hand consumer inflation made 1,7%% that below a target rate of inflation required by FED, and sale of houses in the secondary market decreased by 3,2%% to 5,12 million, but on the other hand, retails showed growth by 0,4%% at average expectations of 0,1%%. Production stocks increased by 0,6%% at average forecasts of 0,3%%.

As a result, the indicator of "blue chips" the Dow Jones Industrial Average index decreased for 0,41%% to a level of 15900,82 points, the index of the wide market S&P 500 went down for 0,36%% to level of 1781,37 points, and the index of the hi-tech companies Nasdaq receded for 0,26%% to a level of 3921,27 points.

Commodities also continued to fall, price of oil is decreasing this morning for 0,34%% on Brent and 0,30%% on WTI traded on 107,69$ and 93,57$ per barrel accordingly. Gold and silver are significantly down, with gold losing 0,93%% at level of 1246,29$ and silver down for 0,85%% at price of 19,89$ per troy ounce.

From the statistics which is going to be published today it is worth paying attention to the PMI indexes in production sector and sector of services of the Eurozone and Germany in particular, and production PMI in the ... (see more or

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2013.11.20 11:10 2013.11.20 11:10:14

The markets are captured by a wave of profit taking

Tuesday’s trading session ended in a red zone. Investors are gradually preparing for two key events of the current week – statistical data on retail sales and the protocol of last meeting of FOMC. That is interesting, results can have multidirectional impact on the direction of dollar and it is not clear which of releases will have bigger influence.

The last report on retails showed decrease in a consumer demand, many aspects confirm that this time markets also can be disappointed. Already published reports of Redbook on activity of buyers in shopping centers showed that sales "go with a scratch", and retailers should fight for each buyer. Researches of Bloomberg agency already prophesy that the current season of purchases can become the most low-active since 2009. So, if data on retails is going to be really weak, even a positive spirit of representatives of FOMC within the last meeting won't be able to return belief in USD.

Meanwhile, euro won’t be able to use situation with the weakening dollar for it’s best, if the PMI and IFO data will also confirm that growth rates in the largest economic system of Europe quite decreased, which we have seen from the published yesterday business moods. If about same tell PMI and IFO data, couple should give everything earned lately. As for today, the closest level to break is based on the area of 1,3550, the next purpose is located in the... (see more or

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2013.11.19 12:43 2013.11.19 12:43:10

Investors started to doubt correctness of growth of stock indexes

Yesterday the stock market of the United States finished trading session with a moderate decrease in the main indexes, and the index of blue chips Dow Jones Industrial Average exceeded for the first time a level of 16 000 points. The Standard & Poor's 500 index, in turn, during session for the first time exceeded a level of 1800 points. Investors started to have concerns related to the ability of the markets to continue its rally up.

Following the results of the trading session the indicator of blue chips Dow Jones Industrial Average raised on 0,09%% to level of 15976,02 points, the index of the wide market Standard & Poor's 500 decreased by 0,37%% to a level of 1791,53 points, and the index of high-tech industries of Nasdaq Composite went to a minus on 0,93%% and reached a level of 3949,07 points. Nasdaq lost much more than the other indexes, because the IT sector has been under strong pressure. In particular, Facebook and Twitter lost more than 6%% of capitalization.

The Asian markets following the American session bargained without essential dynamics. The index of the industrial ... (see more or

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2013.11.18 12:09 2013.11.18 12:09:41

Dow Jones And S&P 500 Are Torn To Levels Of 16000 And 1800

On Friday last week, the main world stock indices showed moderate growth again, and increased in price. Most have been reacting to the published macroeconomic statistical data on industrial data in the USA, and Consumer Prices in Europe. Industrial production in country scales in October was reduced by 0.1% at the time, then an increase of 0.2% was expected. Some improvement was shown only by the manufacturing industry segment, of which volume of production in October increased by 0.3%, predicted at 0.2%.

However, statistical data didn't have an essential influence on the development on the stock exchanges, as the main growth driver was the speech given by the future head of FED, Janet Yellen, in front of the bank committee of the Senate of the USA. Having noted certain success in the recovery of the economy of the USA, Yellen labelled them as insufficient from the point of view of the economic capacity of the country, and stated fears concerning negative consequences at premature reduction of stimulating measures. Yellen also reported that she doesn't find excessively active growth of stock markets disturbing, and the emerging of obvious signs of "bubbles" on them will be eliminated by taking necessary actions.

Under these promises, the main stock indices of the US finished the trading session in a comfortable plus, Dow Jones and S&P 500 indices reached new record levels, and have prolonged the successful series for 6 weeks. The Dow Jones industrial average index raised by 0.54% to 15961.70 points, the Standard & Poor's 500 index raised by 0.42%, having closed the trading session at the level of 1798.18 points, and the Nasdaq Composite index raised by 0.33% to the value of 3985.97 points.

The price of futures of Gold is falling by 0.09% and is on a level of 1286.21$ per troy ounce. Silver is up by 0.12% on a level of 20.75$ per troy ounce. Gold practically didn't change in the price, despite a potential bonus in the form of essential weakening of the Dollar, as investors concentrated their interest more on slightly riskier assets. As a whole, precious metal cost in a week increased by 0.2%, having interrupted a losing series of the 2 last weeks.

The prices for Oil are decreasing, Brent is losing 0.37%, traded on a level of 108.10$ per barrel. WTI is down by 0.42% and is traded on a price of 94.09$ per barrel. Oil slightly increased in price, at the ... (see more or

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