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Trades: 7 199
Profit Trades: 4 710 (65.43%)
Loss Trades: 2 489 (34.57%)
Best trade: 252.85 USD
Worst trade: -262.79 USD
Gross Profit: 77 244.14 USD (754 894 pips)
Gross Loss: -44 410.29 USD (431 740 pips)
Maximum consecutive wins: 40 (312.87 USD)
Maximal consecutive profit: 658.61 USD (30)
Sharpe Ratio: 0.13
Recovery Factor: 19.54
Long Trades: 3 679 (51.10%)
Short Trades: 3 520 (48.90%)
Profit Factor: 1.74
Expected Payoff: 4.56 USD
Average Profit: 16.40 USD
Average Loss: -17.84 USD
Maximum consecutive losses: 24 (-46.98 USD)
Maximal consecutive loss: -419.28 USD (4)
Monthly growth: 0.00%
Annual Forecast: 0.00%
Best trade: 252.85 USD
Maximum consecutive wins: 40 (312.87 USD)
Maximal consecutive profit: 658.61 USD (30)
Worst trade: -262.79 USD
Maximum consecutive losses: 24 (-46.98 USD)
Maximal consecutive loss: -419.28 USD (4)
Drawdawn by balance:
Absolute: 461.20 USD
Maximal: 1 680.42 USD (3.79%)
Relative drawdawn:
By Balance: 7.06% (724.33 USD)
By Equity: 2.46% (503.23 USD)

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Maximum profit (MFE) and maximum loss (MAE) values are recorded for each open order during its lifetime. These parameters additionally characterize each closed order using the values of the maximum unrealized potential and maximum permitted risk. MFE/Profit and MAE/Profit distribution graphs display each order as a point with received profit/loss value plotted along the X-axis, while maximum displayed values of potential profit (MFE) and potential loss (MAE) are plotted along the Y-axis.

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2013.09.27 19:02 


2013.09.19 21:43 

is on another account

2013.09.13 21:49 

i move to another eccount

Sergey Kramorev
2013.08.19 18:52 

Please tell us why today does not receive signals?

Liangjun Qi
2013.08.19 16:06 

hi,i subscribe it today ,but is didn,t opened any order.i want to know is it working?

Zaimi Yazid
2013.08.12 18:19 

Do the mt4 terminal need to opened all time to receive this signal?

xihua zheng
2013.08.06 19:06 

2013.08.06 20:47:04 Credits: authorization failed (receive response failed [12002])

2013.08.02 11:41 

Not in sync with GFT Broker

soeherman effendy
2013.07.25 16:08 

2013.07.25 21:06:53 '143577': Signal - synchronization terminated, cannot copy position, symbol CADJPY not found

2013.07.24 00:04 

no good

2013.07.18 04:52 

Very good

Paul Reynolds
2013.07.16 18:19 

Well I am losing money while you seem to be raking it in ??

Something is not right here

2013.07.15 16:42 


the market prices between mic-demo and other brokers are completely different

put all the gains you see on the site at a loss in your account !!

danger, put the first in test for a week in your broker demo and controls....

job to job the price of opening and closing ..You will find differences even 5 pips on orders

also you have more than 2 pips slipp

do not put this signal in real without first try him

Pace Johnson
2013.07.15 09:45 

100 Pip differences in the wrong direction in both open and close prices on Alpari Demo. Can't figure that out as the price can not vary that much broker to broker over the course of a few seconds (good delay to signal provider etc...).

2013.07.14 18:53 

Unfortunately the delays for the Setups were too big.

2013.07.12 12:11 

doesnt work :O in half hour i lose 5% deposit

Rimando Cajes
2013.07.11 16:22 

i dont understand why the service is showing growth while my account is losing! Unbelievable.

2013.07.09 15:28 

Signals whitout Logic Background. No clear description of the trading system. Too many trades with slow pips and delay kills the account.

Aleksandr Garbuzov
2013.07.05 07:20 

пробовал подключить на roboforex и на mmcis

так выдает предупреждения что есть не совпадающие валютные пары, поставил на FIBO вроде нормально копирует

Sergey Merkulov
2013.06.20 18:30 

Интересно на каком брокере этот сигнал будет работать? Поставил на демку в Альпари пока стабильно минус по не многу растет.

2013.11.14 10:27 2013.11.14 10:27:48

Indexes of the USA updated historical maxima on Yellen’s statements

Stock indexes of the USA updated historical maxima on positively apprehended reporting of Macy's and expectations of continuation of monetary easing stimulus after Janet Yellen's appointment. As a result, trading session in the USA finished with the Dow Jones adding 0,45%% and traded on a level of 15821,63 points, S&P 500 increased for 0,81%% and reached level of 1782,00 points, Nasdaq added in price 1,17%% traded on a level of 3965,57 points.

Such a strong positive effect on the market has been brought by vice-chairman of FED, Janet Yellen, who now is considered as the savior of the American market. She considers that the economy and a labor market show growth which is much weaker than the potential. Therefore while the economy won't gain strength, FED will continue the stimulating policy. Respectively, "strong restoration is a necessary condition to start folding of not conventional measures of FED, as program of repayment of assets", - it is stated in the prepared text for her press-conference which will take place tomorrow.

Reaction of Asia to Yellen's words was also very positive. MSCI Asia-Pacific grew up for 1,2%%. The Japanese market also received additional incentive in the form of a preliminary estimate of gross domestic product for the III quarter. National economy grew by 1,9%% at consensus of economists of 1,7%%, but much more slowly, than in the II quarter when growth rates made 3,8%%. Nikkei 225 grew up for 2,39%%,and Shanghai Composite for +0,45%%.

Another interesting and positive development, we observed in the commodity market. Where Brent is increasing for 0,07%% this morning and reached level of 106,97$ per barrel, WTI is flat at price of 94,48$. At the same time oil still appears under pressure of statistics of stocks in the USA. American Petroleum Institute reported that during last week, commercial stocks of oil increased by 0,6 million barrels, stocks of gasoline decreased by 1,67 million barrels and distillates grew by 0,6 million barrels.

Prices for precious metals finally took a revenge after continuing fall for few days. Gold is up for 1,15 %% and silver for 1,79%%, traded on a price of 1283,04$ and 20,81$ accordingly. It should be noted that gold has ideas for purchase, namely mitigation of policy of European Central Bank, and also the statements from FED representatives that the super soft policy is still far from end. Therefore it is quite obvious some rebound on yellow metal.

In the second half of day investors and speculators will be guided by ... (see more or

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2013.11.13 12:09 2013.11.13 12:09:31

Investors Continue To Trace Comments Of Official Representatives Of FED.

On Tuesday, the American market finished the trading session with a small decrease. This week is rather quiet from the point of the publication of macroeconomic statistical data, so the participants of the market are digesting data published last week, taking profit and following speeches by representatives of different regulators.

Yesterday's comments from a representative of FED of Dallas, didn't deceive our expectations. He called recent data from the labor market "quite good", and emphasized that further stimulation of the economy every day bears more and more risks. At the same time, Kocherlakota devoted his speech to the weak condition of the labor market, hinting that it is still too early to speak about turning of monetary easing program. Also, attention can be paid to the speech of... (see more or

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2013.11.12 11:39 2013.11.12 11:39:55

Markets are reacting only on published statistical data

On Monday, the stock market of the United States finished trading session with the insignificant growth of the main indexes. There were not published any macroeconomic statistics in the USA yesterday; besides, in the country Day of veterans was celebrated, and banks were closed, as well as the market on bonds. Respectively, the trading volume at yesterday's session was significantly lower than the usual.

As a result of the trading session - the indicator of blue chips Dow Jones Industrial Average raised on 0,14%% to level of 15783,10 points, the index of the wide market Standard & Poor's 500 increased by 0,07%% to a level of 1771,89 points, and the index Nasdaq Composite added in price just 0,01%% and reached a level of 3919,79 points.

As to the commodities market, then oil is continuing its downward trend. This morning Brent is losing 0,18%% and WTI is decreasing for 0,29%%, traded on a price of 105,99$ and 95,19$ per barrel accordingly. Precious metals are also losing in price, with gold traded on a level of 1280,45$ per troy ounce and decreasing for 0,05%%. Silver is slightly more weak at a price of 21,18$ per troy ounce and losing 0,48%%.

In the focus of the market this week are going to be speech of the future head of FED - Janet Yellen in front of Bank Committee of the Senate, and also the reporting of large American retailers. Quarterly report of Wal-Mart Stores Inc. is going to be published on 14th of November, Home Depot Inc will present results on 19th of November.

As for today, then in the second half of day will be published weekly indicator of ... (see more or

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2013.11.11 11:16 2013.11.11 11:16:36

The markets stiffened on uncertainty where to move further

On Friday in stock market of the USA, we observed movement which has been almost completely opposite to the seen by us on Thursday. The majority of liquid papers have been growing, and in favourites were hi-tech companies. Dow Jones increased for 1,08%% and reached level of 15761,78 points, Nasdaq has been adding in price 1,60%% and finished trading session on a level of 3919,23 points, S&P 500 added 1,34%% and reached level of 1770,61 points.

In the beginning of the trading day, markets reacted with the movement down because of the published awaited data on a labor market which has showed significant growth in a last month. The number of new workplaces in non-agricultural sector for October jumped up at once to 204 thousand while the average forecast of the market assumed growth only on 126 thousand. Values in two last months were reconsidered towards increase in total on 60 000. Unemployment rate was recorded on a level of 7.3%% against consensus forecast at the level of 7.4%%. Even this statistics managed to push indexes down, during the day officials of FED managed to calm them by giving promising speeches.

The morning trading session in Asia is not showing the ... (see more or

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2013.11.08 12:26 2013.11.08 12:26:22

The decision of ECB to decrease interest rate to 25% became a surprise for investors

Yesterday regulators of the Eurozone and the USA were bringing markets out of an equilibrium state. Trading session in the American stock market has finished with a significant decrease, Dow Jones came to end of the session with a decrease of 0,97%% having reached level of 15593,98 points, S&P 500 lost 1,32%% traded on a level of 1747,15 points and the biggest loser became Nasdaq, which lost 1,90%% and finished trading session on a level of 3857,33 points.

Optimism in the beginning of the trading session has been very quickly removed after the macroeconomic statistical data has been published. Strong data on gross domestic product of the USA in 3rd quarter, which has made 2,8%%, when only 2%% were predicted – pushed indexes down. The number of demands for an unemployment benefit in the USA last week decreased by 9 thousand and made 336 thousand, analytics were predicting 335 thousand. These positive data changed market expectations and again gave ground for the thoughts that FRS will start displacing the program of monetary easing quicker.

At the same time the European regulator stirred up the markets, having decreased the interest rate to 0.25%% and prolonged operations of refinancing on the fixed rate till 2015. The bank of England left the rate at former low level of 0,5%%, having kept the size of volume of repayment of assets as well at former level. Pumped up data on industrial output in Germany, the indicator decreased in September by 0,9%% when analysts expected growth by 0,2%%. As a result - DAX increased by 0,49%%, FTSE 100 decreased by 0,66%%, and CAC 40 lost 0,14%%.

Very few participants of the market have been expecting such an actions from the ECB that is why reaction of euro was so dramatic. As a result, pair from level of opening at 1,3521 fell to a minimum level of 1,3294, having finished the trading session around 1,3430. This morning EUR/USD is bargaining around 1,34073.

Today’s data on unemployment in the USA and quantity of ... (see more or

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2013.11.07 13:14 2013.11.07 13:14:44

Meeting of European Central Bank and Draghi’s Conference Becomes a Key Events of the Day

Today one of the key places in an economic calendar are occupied by meeting of the European Central Bank on monetary policy, and the conference of Mario Draghi after it. It very might happen that this time the head of the Central Bank will prepare the markets for possible decrease of a rate in December.

The point is that inflationary pressure in the Eurozone at the moment is on 4-year minimum levels, and continues to fall. If falling is going to continue, it will start threatening the region with a deflation on a Japanese manner. The European Central Bank can't simply stay idle in such situation and if the regulator will take a decision for further mitigation, it is going to have a significant impact on euro. At the moment a support level is on a price of 1,3480, it’s breakdown can direct pair to the area of 1,34. The more we are going to receive positive data from the USA, the more possible it is going to be that EUR/USD will move towards level of... (see more or

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2013.11.06 11:34 2013.11.06 11:34:44

Investors are Starting to Look on Facts and Figures

On Tuesday, the stock market of the United States finished trading session with a small decrease in the main indexes. After the two days growth of an index of the wide market Standard & Poor's 500, investors didn't manage to find motivation to push indexes to go up, quite good macroeconomic statistics didn't rescue the market from prevalence of bears. Let's remind that the index of economic conditions of ISM in the non-productive sphere in October increased from 54,4 to 55,4 points, whereas decrease to 54 was expected.

Participants of the market already overcame the first euphoria after the government of the USA found a compromise and now are starting to look on facts and figures. After a long suspension of work of government agencies in October and decreasing speeds of recovery of American labor market - the investment community has no full picture about state of the ... (see more or

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2013.11.05 11:22 2013.11.05 11:22:11

Markets move depending on published statistical data

Yesterday we did not see any essential changes in foreign stock markets. The American platforms on Monday has been traded with the volumes which has been lower than average, Dow Jones increased by 0,15%%, S&P 500 grew by 0,36%%, and Nasdaq Composite added 0,38%%. Support to the markets was given by R. Fisher's speech, where he negatively expressed his attitude towards political disagreements between republicans and democrats that led to the termination of financing of the budgetary establishments.

In the meantime, Asian platforms bargain in a different directions. Better than others feels the Australian ASX200 which adds about 0,8%%, supported by the news that Reserve Bank of Australia kept an interest rate at the current level of 2,5%%. Chinese Shanghai Composite decreases by 0,4%%. In the morning has been published the index of business activity in a services sector according to the HSBC version, which in October grew to 52,6 points. The Japanese market after a national holiday on Monday shows sluggish movement, increasing by 0,1%% in relation to closing levels of Friday.

It can be assumed that trading session in the European stock platforms is going to pass rather quietly, due to the fact that there are not a lot of statistical data to be published today. Data of economic moods of the countries of the Eurozone yesterday showed traditionally good results. As it has been expected, the PMI index in the production sector for the region made 51,3 points, having confirmed an initial assessment. The indicator of economic moods of Sentix in November continued the growth from 6 to 9 points, reflecting growth of business activity.

As to the important statistical data, today will be published PMI index of ... (see more or

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2013.11.04 11:52 2013.11.04 11:52:37

The markets open month having made a good start

The Dow Jones index raised on 0.45%% to 15615.55 points, the gain in a week made 0.3%%. The Standard & Poor's 500 index raised on 0.29%%, having closed at the level of 1761.64 points, and having gained in a week just 0.1%%. The Nasdaq Composite index raised on 0.06%% to value of 3922.04 points, having lowered within a week on 0.5%%.

On Friday were published only one important macroeconomic news across the USA - an assessment of industrial activity in country scales for the last month. The index of economic conditions in the production sphere ISM, counted by Institute of management of deliveries of the USA, in October grew to the maximum value since April, 2011 having reached level of 56.4 points, then analytics were predicting decrease to 55.0 points from 56.2 points month before. This result became a pleasant surprise, considering all that situation which we could observe in October in connection with threat of a default. It should be noted that this index the 5th month in a row stays on a level above 50 points which testifies the increase in the sectors activity. The positive of the American industrial data was supported by higher, than it was expected, growth rates of industrial activity in China in October.

The commodity market is stagnating and major commodities are showing down going trend. The price of futures of gold on Friday fell for 10.50 dollars or 0.9%% to a value of 1313.20 dollars for troy ounce. This morning gold is traded on a price of 1312.28$. Gold lost in price owing to essential strengthening of positions of dollar in a basket of world currencies, mainly at the expense of EUR/USD currency pair. Factor that FRS in the final document of the last meeting didn't exclude possibility of reduction of volumes of buying up of assets in the current year also has been a significant factor, pushing gold down. As a total, gold for a week lost 2.9%%. Due to the falling of prices of gold, the world's largest gold-mining company the Canadian Barrick Gold lost 7.1%%, and the leader in the USA and only a part of S&P 500 index, Newmont Mining receded for 4.7%%.

The price of Brent is on a level of 106.30$ per barrel this morning, Light is on a price of 95.11$. Oil fell in price to minimum levels since June 21st, due to the strengthening of dollar and continuous growth of its stocks within last 6 weeks, according to data of the Ministry of Energy of the USA. Following the results of the 4th in a row unprofitable week "black gold" suffered losses of 3.3%%.

The upcoming week is the first week of new month, and therefore will be ... (see more or

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2013.10.30 11:27 2013.10.30 11:27:46

The whole world expects optimism from FRS decisions

The American trading session again ended reaching new historical maxima. S&P 500 updates records the third session in a row, NASDAQ is on a maximum levels since September, 2000. Again weak statistics have been giving support to the markets and was pushing indexes to go up. Retails in the USA decreased in September by 0,1%%, then growth of 0,1%% has been expected. The index of consumer confidence of Conference Board fell to 71,2 from 79,7.

It is natural that this published statistics is leading investors to buy more before FRS meeting. The majority of participants of the market doesn't expect any changes in the volume of the quantitative program. It is also worth remembering the prices of houses. The S&P/Case-Shiller index in August showed a rise of 12.8%% in prices for residential real estate in 20 main city formations of the USA. Just during the August price grew by +0,9%%.

The Asian markets are also full of optimism. MSCI Asia-Pacific in Tokyo rose by 0,5%%. Industrial production in Japan grew in September. This morning Nikkei 225 grew up for 1,03%%, and Shanghai Composite adds 0,76%%.

As to the commodity market, then here gold is not moving, seems to be waiting for FRS decision. Quotations decreased on Tuesday and this morning gold is traded on a price of 1346,27$ per troy ounce adding 0,06%%. Even reserves of SPDR Gold Trust didn't change. Oil also is decreasing second day in a raw, especially Light having losing 0,44%% and traded on a price of 97,77$ per barrel. Brent is up for 0,12%% at a price of 109,14$ per barrel.

Today it is necessary to pay attention to the following ... (see more or

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