Dear followers, I present a strategy for trading eurusd. Information is sought from the primary indicator used is the display of the direction of the course within the next four hours of the filing of the signal. Limit on the position, it is determined by the amount of indicators and the current received micro and macro economic information relating to the financial markets. The maximum time that can be opened in a transaction is 16 hours, but usually trade to be completed within four hours after the opening of the transaction. The strategy allows to open three positions, but they are never open simultaneously. The second and third positions open depending on the situation in a different time slice or a course correction now open position. The maximum loss for the first position is limited to 30 pips, in rare cases up to 40 pips. In two open positions total loss is limited to 60 pips, and for three open positions by the total loss is 85 pips. Based on this strategy allows itself to be used in larger lot for the safety of small losses and lack of opportunity for greater accumulation of losses. This strategy is designed to manage my money. In this regard, to have an opportunity to advise on trading portfolio of $ 60 to use Lot 0.01, can cover 600 pips. 0.1 lots up adding into each 0.01 increase in lot 100 pips to 700 pips cover etc. in order to minimize risk / Example: Lot 0.01-0.1 covers 600 pips, 0.11 covers 700 pips, 0.12 covers 800 pips etc /.
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Trades: 3
Profit Trades: 1 (33.33%)
Loss Trades: 2 (66.67%)
Best trade: 243.37 USD
Worst trade: -342.85 USD
Gross Profit: 243.37 USD
Gross Loss: -403.93 USD
Maximum consecutive wins: 1 (243.37 USD)
Maximal consecutive profit: 243.37 USD (1)
Sharpe Ratio: -0.71
Recovery Factor: -0.47
Long Trades: 3 (100.00%)
Short Trades: 0 (0.00%)
Profit Factor: 0.60
Expected Payoff: -53.52 USD
Average Profit: 243.37 USD
Average Loss: -201.97 USD
Maximum consecutive losses: 1 (-342.85 USD)
Maximal consecutive loss: -342.85 USD (1)
Monthly growth: 0.00%
Best trade: 243.37 USD
Maximum consecutive wins: 1 (243.37 USD)
Maximal consecutive profit: 243.37 USD (1)
Worst trade: -342.85 USD
Maximum consecutive losses: 1 (-342.85 USD)
Maximal consecutive loss: -342.85 USD (1)
Drawdown by balance:
Absolute: 160.56 USD
Maximal: 342.85 USD (140.88%)
Relative drawdown:
By Balance: 140.88% (342.85 USD)
By Equity: 0.00% (0.00 USD)

MFE and MAE Distribution Point Graphs

Maximum profit (MFE) and maximum loss (MAE) values are recorded for each open order during its lifetime. These parameters additionally characterize each closed order using the values of the maximum unrealized potential and maximum permitted risk. MFE/Profit and MAE/Profit distribution graphs display each order as a point with received profit/loss value plotted along the X-axis, while maximum displayed values of potential profit (MFE) and potential loss (MAE) are plotted along the Y-axis.

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Place your cursor over parameters/graph captions to see the best and worst trading series. Find out more about MAE and MFE distributions in the article Mathematics in Trading: How to Estimate Trade Results.

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The average slippage based on execution statistics on real accounts of various brokers is specified in points. It depends on the difference between the provider's quotes from "Alpari-Standard2" and the subscriber's quotes, as well as on order execution delays. Lower values mean better quality of copying.

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