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10 - 25
Candle chart Lookback EA
Hello, Not sure if this can be done but I want to have a EA that runs on different time interval doing the following: It ranks the open/close/high/low of the 2 most recent bar and search this sequency in the past 20 bars, if it got a match then the EA decides on the next bar to be a buy or sell according to how it behaved historically of the match. Specs to follow upon successful application. Thanks
liujinyang1988  2014.10.24  Experts, MQL4
Sylvia Kratzsch
Bollinger EA
i would like a quote for a very simple multicurrency ea that uses my external RiskManagement file. I also want stats, which is a simple balance and risk per trade update of a html table. The EA needs to handle up to 6 different Pairs. The trade idea is: as soon as the current price touches the upper or lower band we enter a trade towards the median line which is were we set our limit (The limit needs to...
missluna1982  2014.10.24  Experts, MQL5
Abbas Makki
Candles type Detector
I need an indicator that detects all types of candles : pin bar - engulfing bar - inside bar - morning star -evening star -morning doji star -shooting star - harami 
MAK_SEC  2014.10.24  IndicatorsExperts, MQL4
200 - 400
I need a money management based expert advisor that uses the active control panel for MT4 and MT5
Attention Savvy MQL Programmers,    I would like an expert advisor programmed for MT4 that also works on MT5 that makes heavy use of the 'active display panel', like the one shown in the example below...   The panel will need to offer one click trade execution  functionality, that enters a trade based on the options selected on the panel. For example......
dazamate  2014.10.24  Experts, MQL5
naveed iqbal
EA Job for ismail77
EA job fo ISMAIL ... plz confirm it job is based on 3 mtf indicato and 1 current TF indicator  job detailed  will be sent via PM screen shoot and requirement i hope u will do this in one day :)   
naveed505  2014.10.23  Experts, MQL4
70 - 120
Code EA with straight forward logic and multiple entry/exit options. Possible FIX API capability but not necessarily essential. Ideally to be coded in MQL4 and C++ (C++ not essential initially)
I have a strategy that requires full automation into a MT4 EA. It involves straight forward entry and exit logic using 3 well known indicators.  Entry and exit execution options: at market or using pending orders - be able to select which one. Risk settings: Risk a given % of capital based on: Starting capital, or Capital at start of each new year, or Capital at start of each new month, or Current capital Open 2...
Eagle3  2014.10.23  Experts, MQL4
25 - 50
Multi Currency Multi Time Frame Panel
Hi, at first sorry for my bad english. I want a trade panel with all currencies in the market and for each currency the time frames 1M, 5M, 15M, 30M, 1H, 4H, 1D, 1W. The panel should show if the time frame is bearish or bullish. 
heinzzilla  2014.10.23  IndicatorsExperts, MQL4
< 30
Adaptive Hedge EA (for Master_Forex)
Hi Master_forex!  I really like the work you've done on all my EA's. I've found many profitable settings but think I still have better ideas. One of them being an EA I've neglected being created. You and others did not understand the methodology before but I'm going to do my best describing how it works. I think this project is worth $30 as it still incorporates many of my options in past EA's   1....
cubbybgood  2014.10.22  Experts, MQL4
60 - 90
Multi Grid EA
Trade Fx and CFD’s; Able 2 direction trades or 1 direction trade. Can remember the positions and  continue trading after power off. Can (or not) management manual entry add or reduce position .     Able set logical target.
fire666  2014.10.22  Experts, MQL4
75 - 150
Indicator To EA (for WDholic)
I have an Indicator that give's a change of direction arrow noting a entry and exit. I would like an EA built around the indicator. I would like to be able to trade as many as 5 pair at a time with the ability to have 2 positions per trade. I would like a stop loss and take profit ability. I want to the ability to trade on the 15 min, 1hr, 4hr, and daily chart. Can you give me an idea of the...
Cruisekid60  2014.10.21  Experts, MQL4