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30 - 35
EA on trend indicator
Hi Lorentzos,  How u doing? I hope you good and have time to make EA for me, EA should have MM with stoplost on % of ballance. Trailing stop,( use it true or false) 3 levels of fixed profit,( use them true or false) additionally time trading (to use it true or false)   2 indicators( I will send you) one for filter and secont for opening orders. 1 indicator pattern for placing stop lost + additional break...
10020998  2014.07.11  Experts, MQL4
200 - 600
Trade & Price Monitor Developed
I’m looking to have developed small price and trade monitoring EA for MetaTrader 4 build 646. This EA needs to perform the following:   Price feed monitoring – aim to detect and alert if data feed is down -           checks price quotes for AUDUSD EURUSD USDJPY EURJPY GBPUSD USDCHF pairs at set regular intervals (example every minute) to detect...
trader2222  2014.07.11  ExpertsOther, MQL4
70 - 140
Hi there, I would like to have an ichimoku EA developed. See attachment ZIP/PDF for further details. Only thing is i need some time to test it properly when its finished. If you have further questions please ask. Best regards,
elpaco1984  2014.07.10  Experts, MQL4
50 - 100
Trailing stop (for EricHe)
Hi Eric please provide a quote to add to Toil EA. Using the current RSI settings of RSI Buy level and RSI Sell Level, when an order is placed, make the Trailing stop loss follow the order using either options open ,close, high or low of a prior candle shift [1 to 5] (to choose), but then have the trailing step to continue as normal.   thanks Todd 
deltoz  2014.07.10  Experts, MQL4
100 - 200
Multi Currency, Martin Gale, Self launching EA (for hnp2500)
Multi Currency, Martin Gale, Self launching EA  Hello Hooshang, i am a FX researcher for 2 years now with some automation projects already made.  I am a single private trader.   I was used to work with Wahoo.  Very reliable, good communication, good prices, clean code, etc.  Wahoo is no longer taking new jobs. So i am searching for a new coder for my strategies.  You are the obvious...
gitoatom  2014.07.10  Experts, MQL4
Antonin Skaryd
100 - 150
Simple EA with levels (for EricHe)
Hello, as agreed, I need to build a simple EA according to the specification already sent. In the EA settings, there should be : FixedLot, Risk (as [%] of available funds), TakeProfit and StopLoss.  Anthony
Enterprise  2014.07.09  Experts, MQL4
40 - 60
Indicator and Robot required (for f2011)
I need a simple price based indicator and a robot. The indicator will keep track of the last 2 highs and last 2 lows based on the close value of the period.  The Robot will execute trades when the logic based on the indicator occurs. Ability to use MA crossover as well (as per other jobs, as well as no of consecutive losses)
MiaIsabella  2014.07.08  IndicatorsExperts, MQL5
Eskinder Haile
< 200
Blacklion 2.0 (for hnp2500)
Its a simple Trend Following System, and to my best ability have outlined what needs to be done in a file that i have attached. It uses ADX +D1 & -D1 to identify trends, and uses TDI to measure Volatility, and strength of trend. After Conforming with Moving Average and two Arrow Signals, Trade is initiated. To Exit trades, ADX +D1 & -D1 cross in the undesired direction or TDI Signals, volatility to be low,...
blackliontrend  2014.07.05  Experts, MQL4
Trend indicator trader EA (for EricHe)
Requirement for Expert Advisor which needs to be developed in MQL4 in order to open and close trades based on the trade signals given by an existing indicator. The provided trend indicator will show up and down trend signals. It will also send an email and raise an alert whenever it detects a trend on the current time frame chart. The EA to be developed will try and open trades at the same time that the...
sayemfx  2014.07.04  Experts, MQL4
400 - 900
Stop Out
I've attached the main word document explaining the EA and an excel with the panels and buttons necessary for EA.  Please read all the comments added to many cells on the excel file for clarity. I already have a previous version of EA which doesn't keep stop out location constant   Strategy Outline: EA will trade using Martingale or grid techniques.   Trades will occur as series.   User...
ian_dru  2014.07.03  ExpertsOther, MQL4