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MetaQuotes Software Corp.
MetaQuotes 2012.12.19 09:06

In the spring time, we released the new feature on – "Attract Visitors". Users started receiving rating points for each web link that was placed on a third-party web site and used to attract new members of Articles, orders in Jobs, programs in CodeBase, trading signals, MQL5 Cloud Network, MQL5 Market applications and even user's own profile – you can place web links on almost everything. Thus, active members can increase their ratings and convert their rating points to credits – the system's internal currency.

Ten Cents for Each MetaTrader 5 Installation Via Your Link!

Now we go further and introduce an additional opportunity to increase the rating. All registered web site users can find a referral link for downloading MetaTrader 5 client terminal in their profiles and place it on third-party web sites to increase their ratings in case of real downloads. We should warn those who are going to use any fraudulent schemes: rating points will be added only in case a user who downloaded the terminal actually starts working in it. A user who placed the referral link will receive 10 points (=20 cents) for each download of the terminal.

The entire algorithm looks as follows:

  1. web site user enters his or her profile, clicks "Achievements" and finds "To the MetaTrader 5 Terminal" subsection at the bottom of the web page containing the referral link for downloading MetaTrader 5 load file. This is a special referral link which has a user ID proving that the link was used for downloading MetaTrader 5.

  2. Copy the link and place it on the web site you are interested in. This may be your page in a social networking service, a personal web site, blog or forum.
  3. Any user coming to your web site can see this link, download the terminal in one click and start using it.
  4. As soon as this action is confirmed on, you receive 5 points to your rating as the link owner. Obtained points can be converted to credits at the rate of 50:1. It means that you can receive 2 credit for 100 points of your rating (10 downloads via your link). 

Thus, we pay you 20 cents per each MetaTrader 5 download via your link. So, have you copied the link in your profile, placed it on your web site and some users have already clicked on it and downloaded MetaTrader 5? Then it's time to receive some profit! One download brings twenty cents, while ten downloads bring two dollars!   

As you can see, all is quite simple. Just copy the special web link for downloading MetaTrader 5 and place it on your web site. As soon as users start downloading MetaTrader 5 via your link, your rating on will significantly increase. Just give it a try!

Random Walk and the Trend Indicator
Random Walk and the Trend Indicator
Random Walk looks very similar to the real market data, but it has some significant features. In this article we will consider the properties of Random Walk, simulated using the coin-tossing game. To study the properties of the data, the trendiness indicator is developed.
Gabor Torma
VincentX 2012.12.19 10:22
It's really good!
Jinsong Zhang
song_song 2012.12.20 04:26
Liping Wang
MarketArt 2012.12.20 04:27
Oluwadare Paul Oguntosin
forexgoshen 2013.01.05 12:36
hongden nguyen
nguyenhongden 2013.01.08 11:29
well well!
ahmed abd salam
abobody 2013.01.20 21:45



i'll try 

khai hoan nguyen
hoan 2013.01.29 04:46

very good
NorthMan 2013.01.31 16:34
i'll try too
khai hoan nguyen
hoan 2013.02.07 09:29
I installed link download my website. hope have much money.
Mindfulmojo 2013.09.21 18:49
We will we get the referral credit if they sign up under with the shortened link provided when logged in?  Hopefully.... Getting someone to download a file just to start is hard.
Distributed Computing in the MQL5 Cloud Network
Distributed Computing in the MQL5 Cloud Network
Connect to the MQL5 Cloud Network (Cloud Computing) and earn extra income around the clock — there is much work for you computer!
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