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2011.03.09 08:49
GoodG@bi Review

GoodG@bi Review - expert for MetaTrader 4

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GoodGbbi.mq4 (8.16 KB)view
note.txt (2.38 KB)

Back-testing/Forward-testing details:

Period where EA is successful

Settings 1

Date tested: Jan 01, 2010 to Aug 31, 2010. Currency: EURUSD only. Periodicity: H1. Expert Properties: Minimum deposit: $50, Position: Short only, Lotsize: Auto. Draw-down (max): $603.00 or 76.83%. Draw-down (relative): 76.83% or $603.00. Positions won: 57. Positons Loss: 0.
Result for the period above settings show: ROI: 1824% (e.g. $50 became 912.37 from jan/01/2010 to aug/31/2010)

Settings 2

Date tested: Dec 01, 2010 to March 08, 2011. Currency: EURUSD only. Periodicity: H1. Expert Properties: Minimum deposit: $50, Position: Long only, Lotsize: Auto. Draw-down (max): $328.00 or 29.55%. Draw-down (relative): 47.18% or $119.24. Positions won: 25. Positons Loss: 0.
Result for the period above
: ROI: 2382% (e.g. $50 became 1191.19 from dec/01/2010 to mar/08/2011)

This EA (GoodG@bi) has potential of making it to the top 5 most profitable all-time expert advisors in history. I have come to understand the following:

  1. That from Jan 01, 2010 to aug 31, 2010, the price was trending downward (bearish), that is why 'short only' position was ideal for trade and no loss was incured by the EA.
  2. That from sep 01, 2010 to nov 01, 2010, the price has not decided whether to continue downward or reverse upward, that is why the chances of 'zero loss' was slim. Therefore, NO TRADE because result will be full of + and -.
  3. That from dec 01, 2010 till mar 08, 2011, the price action decided for an upward trend (bullish), that is why 'long only' position was ideal for trade and EA had ZERO

LOSS. Therefore, if there is some kind of way by which we can (from the previous 6 months period) predict if the trend was bullish, bearish, or neutral, then we can have a 'perfect' expert advisor that trades safely and without LOSS.

If you are a programmer, I will want you to contribute to this project in the following ways (and other ways which I may not have anticipated)

  1. Add 'lines' that will make the EA detech trend over a wide period past (6 months or more).
  2. Add 'lines' that will switch EA from 'short only' trading mode to 'long only' trading mode and vice versa, depending on the prevailing long term trend.
  3. Add 'lines' that can carefully detect 'flat trend' and set EA to 'no trade'.
  4. Add 'lines' that are hitherto not inluded, and that will make the EA better and safer (having in mind the ZERO LOSS campaign)
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Vilmar Tavares
vilmar | 21 Aug 2012 at 23:43
Why when I use this EA on a live or demo account does not work? In "Strategy Tester" EA works very well.
windowshopr | 26 Mar 2013 at 19:16

LOVE THIS EA with my back testing so far. Not sure if anyone is still following this page or not, but I wanted to contribute what I've been doing with it (and I had a few questions).

I read the notes.txt file and there was the idea thrown in there that there should be some kind of "Long Term Trend" filter so that the EA doesn't open a trade that goes against what the long term trend is. So, all I did was put an additional parameter to the open trades section that says if the Close[1] > iMA(NULL,PERIOD_W1,21,0,MODE_EMA,PRICE_CLOSE,1), then go Long. If Close[1] < iMA(NULL,PERIOD_W1,21,0,MODE_EMA,PRICE_CLOSE,1), then go Short. I have attached the results of the last couple months of back testing below. Basically, by adding the Moving Average filter, the EA makes smarter trades with 100% accuracy then without the filter. My question is this, is there a better way to filter out a long term trend? Moving averages are a good indicator, but I'm just curious if there's something better, because in the examples below, the MA filtered out about half the trades it made without it. Any ideas?

Also, why are the SL/TP levels set where they are? Should they not be the same as one another? Anyway, GREAT EA so far. 






jusiur | 9 Apr 2013 at 16:16

LOVE THIS EA with my back testing so far. . .

matt, could you share modified code here? thanks in advance
MQL4 Comments
mql4_comments | 5 Aug 2013 at 03:53
What are the setup instructions for this EA?
Rasoul Mojtahedzadeh
Rasoul | 29 Mar 2014 at 00:47
Another dangerous EA based on the idea to keep an open position until it reaches to the TP point. DO NOT use Forex robots that DO NOT put an SL for their trades, with your real accounts. You will get margin called before taking any profit!